Fluke 289 True RMS Multimeter Review

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Fluke 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter
  • Stores up to 15,000 recorded events
  • Real time clock for automatic time stamping of saved readings
  • Large 50,000 count, 1/4 vga display with a white Backlight

The difference between a good multimeter and a bad one is like night and day.

Top-quality multimeters will instantly provide you with accurate readings, with a slick user interface that makes navigation seamless.

On the other hand, a poorly-made multimeter will give you inaccurate readings, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, that very same low-quality multimeter can be a safety hazard.

To help you get your hands on the best multimeter possible, we’re going to review the Fluke 289 today, providing you with info about its features, performance, and much more.

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Key Features

  • Maximum voltage: 1000V
  • Maximum Amperage: 10A
  • Maximum resistance: 500.0 MΩ
  • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V
  • 50 000 counts backlit VGA display
  • True RMS

What’s Included

  • Meter
  • A pair of probe leads with accessories
  • 6x AA batteries
  • Instructions

In-depth Review of the Fluke 289

The 289 is one of the most advanced multimeters in Fluke’s product line. This model boasts full data-logging capabilities with graphing functionality, setting it apart from the competition. To facilitate the display of data readings, the Fluke 289 is equipped with a large ¼ VGA dot-matrix screen.

The display can even be split into quadrants to show your current results as well as three other previous readings.

Capable of storing up to 15 000 events, the Fluke 289 has plenty of space to catalog your readings. If you want to analyze a piece of data further, you can transfer it over to another device using a cable, or you can send the information through Bluetooth.

Unlike low-end multimeters, this product’s auto-ranging function is snappy, and you may not mind leaving it on (it is the default mode). With most accuracy ratings below ±1%, the Fluke 289 is capable of providing professional-level results.

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AC volts50.000 mV
DC volts50.000 mV
Resistance50.000 Ω
Capacitance1.000 nF
Frequency99.999 Hz

Fluke 289 vs 87V

The Fluke 289 and the Fluke 87V are two of Fluke’s high-end multimeters, though the 289 is the pricier of the two by quite a bit. However, despite the increased price of the 289, many of the actual measuring capabilities are similar between these two products. The main difference in performance is that the 289 is slightly more accurate.

The Fluke 289’s most notable difference is its suite of data-logging features. Due to its data-logging functions, the Fluke 289 has a larger display and expanded memory when compared to the 87V. The 289 can also be connected to your computer with a cable for closer data analysis.

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Build Quality

The Fluke 289 is well-made, and it features an integral rubber holster, unlike more affordable Fluke multimeters, which feature a removable holster. The only thing that disappointed us about this model’s construction is the plastic stand that extends from the back, as it feels far too flimsy for such a pricey product.

Display and Labels

This multimeter has a rather large ¼ VGA display, making it easier to display and read through your data. Unfortunately, the interface is menu-based (as with many data-logging multimeters), so it can be a little cumbersome to access core functions when you aren’t using the data-logging features.

Function and Performance

With the 289, Fluke has created one of the best multimeters on the market. This product is so accurate that some users consider it overkill. Whether you work in a field where precision is a necessity or if you’re just a hobbyist who wants a top of the line piece of gear, the Fluke 289 is a great choice.

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The Fluke 289 is also one of the safest multimeters around. It features a CAT IV rating at up to 600V, beyond that point, the multimeter is rated at CAT III up to 1000V.

Pros and Cons of Fluke 289

What We Like
  • Large, backlit display
  • Extremely accurate
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Compatible with the Fluke Connect app
What We Don’t Like
  • Cumbersome menu-based interface
  • Expensive
Fluke 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter
  • Stores up to 15,000 recorded events
  • Real time clock for automatic time stamping of saved readings
  • Large 50,000 count, 1/4 vga display with a white Backlight

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