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Blake Sutton

My Story

Hi, I’m Blake – the founder of Electrical Knowledge.

I used to work as an Electrician – for 10 years actually. I received my Journeyman Electricians license in 1998.

After working as a Journeyman Electrician for a couple of years, I wanted to take my professional electrical career further. So in 2008, I received my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Texas in Austin. I now work full time as an electrical engineer, specializing in power systems.

While modeling power systems I’ve had a lot of exposure to various modeling software, and have been taking an increasing interest in the software that underlies these systems. I’ve started writing my own software – primarily in Python & C – both at work, and at home as a hobby.

I’m also incredibly interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning. I’ve studied the topic intensely and have become intellectually obsessed with it and its impact on the future of the human race.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, Tech Republic, CMS Wire, Score.org, and Process Street.

You can connect with me on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blake-sutton-electrical-knowledge/