Craftsman 3482141 Multimeter Review

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The Craftsman 3482141 Multimeter is a staple tool for the professional electrician. Anyone who has used this device before knows exactly what I’m talking about. Its lightweight size, diode testing, and solid feel are all features that are appreciated by electricians of all levels. 

The Craftsman 3482141 is a great entry-level multimeter. Not only is it tough and reliable, but also includes test leads for better measurement accuracy. For those that are in need of a good multimeter on the job, then continue reading this Craftsman multimeter review.

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Key Features

  • Measures up to 600 volts
  • Electrical testing and diode testing
  • 2000 count Liquid Crystal Display
  • Rubberized jacket
  • Touch rubber holster

What’s Included

In-depth Review of the Craftsman 3482141

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The Craftsman 348214 has everything you need to measure voltage and electrical current. For instance, it can measure up to  600 volts of AC and DC current. This gives electricians a wide enough measuring range to get an accurate overview of their electrical equipment. It is a well-priced auto-ranging multimeter

Another reason why users like this device are its automatic shut-off tool. When in use, this electrician multimeter will automatically turn off after its been unused for 15 minutes. This helps save the multimeter’s battery power while conserving its energy for future usage. 

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Measurement TypeContact
Max AC Current10 A
Max AC Measurement600 V
Resistance2 MΩ
Max Functions8

Build Quality

This is a digital multimeter that’s designed for long term use. For example, it’s wrapped in a durable bumper jacket. Because of this, its a multimeter that’s strong enough to be thrown into a tool bag and into a car. 

It includes a holster tilt stand that helps with keeping the digital multimeter in place. The rubber guard allows for it to withstand moderate knocks without destroying its equipment. 

Display and Labels

Electricians will find the necessary voltage information on the 3482141’s large LCD screen.  It is a 2000 count Liquid Display, making it larger than competing brands. This gives you the ability to tackle jobs dealing with Ohms, amps, AC or DC current on your own. The readings are accurate, giving you electricians the information needed to complete their projects.

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Function and Performance

The Craftsman 3482141 is known for its high-quality functionality. It consists of 8 functions and can detect up to 20 different ranges. While it can be used for professional settings, this digital multimeter also works for DIYers who want to make measurements and tests on their own. 

Powered by a 9 volt battery, this device can test resistance, voltage, continuity and current. Additionally, it has a feature that lets you test for 1.5 volts in certain devices. If you’re in need of a multimeter that performs well, the Craftsman 3482141 is the right device to choose from. 

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Protection is important when searching for a multimeter. Fortunately, the Craftsman 3482141 has test leads that are protected by small caps before using them. As a result, electricians can receive a proper voltage measurement without having accidentally damaged their test leads.

Pros And Cons of Craftsman 3482141

What We Like
  • Consists of 20 different ranges
  • Vivid LCD Display Screen

  • Can be used to test shorts and wiring
  • Rugged case
What We Don’t Like
  • Unstable capacitance testing
  • Non functional Ohm tester
  • Difficult to remove rubber covering
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