Best Non Contact Voltage Tester: Top 7 Voltage Detector Pens of 2024 Reviewed

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Using a bad voltage tester is an excellent way to get an electric shock (read: not a good idea).

A good non contact voltage tester (ncvt) will not only save you time, but will give you the confidence that the electricity is exactly where you think it is.

A quality voltage pen will work on a wide voltage range, and give both visual and audible feedback when voltage is detected.

The best voltage sensors will even let you know when they’re not working. This completely removes the unease that the voltage detector is faulty.

We want to help you separate the junk from the good stuff.

So we’ve reviewed the Top 7 Best Non Contact Voltage Tester Pens of 2024:

  1. Klein Tools Voltage Tester – Best Overall
  2. Fluke Voltage Tester – Premium Choice
  3. Sperry Voltage Tester – Great Value
  4. Milwaukee Voltage Tester
  5. Southwire Voltage Tester
  6. Greenlee Voltage Tester
  7. Tacklife Voltage Tester

Buy with the confidence that you’re getting one of the best voltage detector pens on the market. Let’s jump straight into the reviews.

best overall rating
Klein Voltage Tester
  • Dual Range testing – both AC & DC
  • Auto power-off feature conserves & extends battery life
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
premium choice rating
Fluke Voltage Tester
  • Continuous self-test - so you always know it is working
  • Tip glows and beeper sounds on detection
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
great value rating
Sperry Voltage Tester
  • Excellent value for money
  • Visual and beeping audio when voltage detected
  • CAT III 1000 V Safety Rated


Top 7 Best Non Contact Voltage Tester

Klein Tools Voltage Tester – Best Overall

Klein Tools Voltage Tester

This voltage tester pen from Klein Tools is our favorite choice because of its simple and reliable design.

With a CAT IV safety rating up to 1000 Volts, you have nothing to worry about when using this non-contact voltage tester (ncvt). To ensure that you catch it, this voltage detector is equipped with both audio and visual indications.

Giving you an idea of how much voltage you’re dealing with, there’s an LED bar graph on the side of the product that is easy to read in the dark.

There is also a flashlight that can be used even when you’re not trying to detect voltage, which makes this tool a little more versatile than competing models.

Klein Voltage Tester

The Klein Voltage Tester also boasts an auto-shutdown feature, cleverly designed to extend battery life for those moments you might forget to switch it off. It’s a thoughtful addition that speaks to the practical needs of daily use.

This model is designed to detect both low voltage and standard voltage, so it’s also versatile enough for a wide range of jobs.

This outlet tester even comes in a range of variants, some with optional accessories that can make specific tasks easier. You can get this tester with or without a flashlight, a laser pointer, and even an infrared thermometer.

If you’re looking for a mix of versatility, high quality, and tonnes of extra features – Klein’s Voltage Tester is the right tool for you.

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What We Like
  • Optional attachments
  • Voltage graph
  • Audio and visual feedback
  • CAT IV rated
What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t get all extras at once

Fluke Voltage Tester – Premium Choice

Fluke Voltage Tester

If you’re okay with spending a little bit extra on your voltage detector, then we recommend going with this non contact voltage tester from Fluke.

Despite its higher price tag, we’d argue that this model provides the user with more value for money than some of its cheaper counterparts.

For example, the inclusion of Voltbeat technology allows for self-testing, so you won’t need a second sensor to determine if this one is malfunctioning. This model also features CAT IV protection, which ensures that it’s rated up to 1000 V.

To let you know that there’s a voltage present, this unit will emit a shrill beep, and it will glow red, giving you two forms of warnings.

Fluke Non Contact Voltage Tester

The Fluke Voltage Tester stands out for its speed and reliability. It eliminates the hassle of constant adjustments, offering swift and accurate readings from live outlets.

Thanks to its durable housing, this model can be carried around on busy worksites without the user having to worry about it getting damaged. This pen can even detect voltage through wire insulation.

Overall, the Fluke non contact voltage tester is a more high-performance model that is designed for resilience and long-term reliability. Although it comes at a slightly higher price, we think this voltage pen is an excellent investment. If you’re a fan of Fluke’s excellent multimeters, you will love this product.

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What We Like
  • Continuous self-test - so you always know it is working
  • Sound and light indicators on detection
  • Detects through insulation
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly pricer option

Sperry Voltage Tester – Great Value

Sperry Voltage Sensor

The Sperry Instruments Voltage Tester is a durable, portable, lightweight, and easy to use voltage sensor.

What I love about this sensor is that it has an adjustable sensitivity dial, allowing it to detect the presence of AC Voltage from as low as 12 V to up to 1000 V AC.

It’s also really obvious when a voltage is detected.

Not only will you see a 360 degree flashing red light, but there is a distinct “beeping” sound – which is very useful.

The voltage sensor has some great safety features. The fully insulated probe tip eliminates the risk of contacting live electrical wires, while the patented battery check feature ensures that the tester and batteries are operating properly. This is crucial for eliminating false negative readings.

Here’s a list of features of Sperry Instrument’s Voltage Sensor:

  • Adjustable non-contact sensitivity detects voltage from 12-1000V AC
  • Audible and 360-degree flashing visual indication
  • Allows for sensitivity adjustments in multiple-wire applications
  • Operates from single AAA battery
  • Patented battery self-test feature
  • Soft grip with a contoured design
  • Pocket clip
  • CAT III 1000 V Safety Rated

Now with all these features, you would be forgiven for thinking that this voltage sensor is going to cost you a pretty penny. But it’s actually very well priced. Overall the Sperry voltage sensor is an easy buy for anyone on a budget.

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What We Like
  • Extremely durable
  • Both visual and beeping audio when voltage detected
  • Pocket sized – easily fits into your pocket or toolbelt 
  • Very affordable – fantastic value buy
  • CAT III 1000 V Safety Rated
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks a detailed instruction booklet

Milwaukee Voltage Tester

Milwaukee Voltage Tester

Milwaukee is known for making simpler and reliable tools that are easier for beginners to use – and that still holds true with this Milwaukee voltage tester pen.

This product is meant to be used by electricians of all skill levels, and it features an ergonomic design that makes it easier to handle than competing models.

With a mid-range price point, you may be surprised by the build quality of this voltage tester pen.

Milwaukee Non Contact Voltage Tester

This product features solid construction that will help keep it reliable for a long time to come. You’ll find that this model even comes equipped with a flashlight that lets you search for outlets in the dark.

As you get closer to the voltage source, the unit will start to turn red and will emit a beep that grows in frequency the closer you are (learn how a non contact voltage tester works).

The Milwaukee Voltage Tester focuses on what matters most: efficiency and precision. Without cluttering the design with unnecessary extras, it delivers fast, reliable measurements every time.

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What We Like
  • Beeping changes with proximity
  • Flashlight
  • Reliable design
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
What We Don’t Like
  • No extra features

Southwire Voltage Tester

Southwire Voltage Tester

Another mid-range model, Southwire’s non contact voltage tester pen is meant to withstand the elements.

If you need a quality voltage tester for outdoor work sites, then you’ll appreciate the IP67 waterproof housing of this product. Beyond being resistant to water infiltration, this model can also withstand a six-foot drop.

However, durability isn’t the only case in which this electrical tester pen shines, as it also features dual-range detection that can go from 12 to 1000V or 100 to 1000V.

Southwire Non Contact Voltage Tester

When voltage has been detected, this model will provide you with both an audio and visual warning that the source is live.

Unlike the competition, this non contact voltage tester (ncvt) comes with two flashlights, one of which is on the back and the other of which is on the front.

This electrical tester pen even features a thin probe tip that is designed to be easier to use with wall outlets. However, we’d argue that this product’s main advantage is its durability. Overall the Southwire Voltage Tester good budget option, with an impressive IP67 water resistance.

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What We Like
  • IP67 Waterproof Housing
  • Drop-resistant
  • Dual range detection
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
What We Don’t Like
  • Fails the comparison test vs Fluke & Klein

Greenlee Voltage Tester

Greenlee Voltage Tester

Greenlee’s commercial electric voltage tester is another one of our favorite products thanks to its expanded versatility when compared to other models in the same price range.

It features things like a silent mode that you can use when quiet is needed on the workplace and a few other helpful design elements.

Of course, when silence isn’t necessary, this model will still display audible and visual cues that there is voltage present.

Greenlee Non Contact Voltage Tester

This model also features an automatic shutdown feature that helps conserve battery life, and this feature can save you quite a bit of money on batteries if you’re forgetful.

This voltage detector features ultrasonically-welded construction, making for a product that is also durable enough to put up with long hours on the job.

Even the battery cover is designed to be user-friendly, as it’s easy to remove, unlike those on other models that may require the use of your nails.

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What We Like
  • User-friendly
  • Silent mode
  • Self-testing
  • CAT IV 1000 V Safety Rated
What We Don’t Like
  • Too pricey for its capabilities

Tacklife Voltage Tester

Tacklife Voltage Tester

Finally, we get to the most affordable model on this list, and also the worst. Tacklife’s non-contact voltage tester simply doesn’t work consistently enough to be worth your money.

There are times when it will intermittently ping when you’re trying to detect voltage before cutting out entirely, so its reliability can use some work.

The LED flashlight feature of the Tacklife Voltage Tester falls short in usefulness, offering insufficient brightness for practical use in poorly lit environments.

Tacklife Non Contact Voltage Tester

The auto power off feature is also annoying, as it’s set to only three minutes, so you’ll constantly have to turn this device on again.

While this voltage tester does come included with a 24-month warranty, it’s likely that you’ll end up using it because of this model’s poor reliability.

Even during our testing, we had some points where we thought the device had died out entirely. We would not recommend this voltage sensor.

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What We Like
  • Cheap
What We Don’t Like
  • Unreliable
  • Hit-or-miss detection
  • The flashlight isn’t bright enough

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