Best Gloves for Electrical Work: Top 10 of 2024

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If you want to keep your hands comfortable while you work, you’re going to need a quality set of electrical gloves.

The best electrical gloves will be comfortable, lightweight, and durable enough to ensure that you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor-quality gloves out there that will quickly become riddled with holes and may not give you enough of a feel to work precisely.

To help you separate the good from the bad –we review the Top 10 Gloves for Electrical Work of 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re getting one of the best work gloves for electricians on the market.

Let’s jump right into the reviews.

best overall rating
Klein Tools Gloves
  • High quality leather build
  • Open cuff for quick on/off
  • Stretch back for extra comfort and flexibility
premium choice rating
DeWalt Gloves
  • Durable TPR protection
  • Tacky Silicone Grip Finger Tips
  • Convenient sweat wipe
great value rating
CLC Gloves
  • Cold weather insulated
  • High dexterity (stretchable)
  • Excellent value for the money


Top 10 Best Gloves for Electrical Work

Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves – Best Overall

Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves

Kicking off our list with a standout, the Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves blend robust leather craftsmanship with unmatched comfort. This fusion lands them at the top of our favorites for electrical work.

Despite being durable enough to put up with extended use, they still provide the wearer with quite a bit of feel, so you won’t be fumbling around trying to get a good grip.

These gloves come in three sizes, and the medium variation fits most average hands without any trouble. Due to the excellent fit and the soft materials used in their construction, these gloves are also extremely comfortable, and you can wear them practically all day without any trouble.

Klein Tools Leather Gloves

Another advantage is that they feature an open cuff, so you won’t have to waste time stretching the wrists to get them on your hands. The palm is made out of durahide to ensure that it doesn’t start wearing away, and the forefingers feature a leather cover for additional reinforcement.

The backs of the gloves are designed to stretch so that they can fit better and also provide you with extra flexibility. These gloves also offer great value for money, as they’re relatively affordable. While they may not have any flashy features, these gloves get the job done, and you can depend on them.

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What We Like
  • Strong leather build
  • Durable construction
  • Stretch back for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Open wrists make them easier to put on
What We Don’t Like
  • No special features

DeWalt Electrical Gloves – Premium Choice

Dewalt Electrical Gloves

For those willing to invest a bit more for superior quality, DeWalt’s electrical gloves emerge as a stellar option, promising enhanced durability and protection.

These heavy-duty work gloves are designed to put up with plenty of abuse before they even start showing signs of wear and tear. So if you chew through gloves quickly, DeWalt’s electrical gloves are a great pick.

There is TPR protection on the knuckles and all along the backs of the gloves to prevent the underlying fabric from wearing away. The gloves themselves are made out of a durable synthetic fiber that is studded with PVC patches for added durability in high-stress areas.

Dewalt Electricians Gloves

The silicone fingertips feature a tacky grip that ensures that you won’t drop your tools in the middle of a job and the tops of the feature synthetic leather covers. There is even a sweat wipe on the thumb of the gloves that comes in handy when you’re working in a sweltering environment.

These electrical gloves fit well, and they stretch to accommodate hands of all shapes and sizes. The inclusion of a pull tab makes them easier to put on, and it’s sewn in well so it won’t be a common point of failure. The only thing that could be perceived as an issue is the relatively high price.

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What We Like
  • Durable TPR protection
  • Tacky finger grips
  • Convenient sweat wipe
What We Don’t Like
  • Rather expensive

CLC Custom Leathercraft Electrical Gloves – Great Value

CLC Custom Leathercraft Electrical Gloves

The CLC Custom Leathercraft electrical gloves strike an impressive balance between affordability and feature-rich design, built for longevity and performance. These work gloves feature reinforced fingertips to ensure that they don’t end up getting worn away from repeated use.

Three of the fingertips also have touch-compatible pads, so you’ll still be able to use your smart devices while you wear these gloves. The back of the glove is made out of spandex which will keep them as flexible as possible while still ensuring that they can fit a wide range of hand sizes.

CLC Leathercraft Electricians Gloves

The palms on these gloves are padded, and they’re made of resilient microfiber, which has the added benefit of improving their breathability. If you often work in hot environments and you don’t want your hands to get sweaty beneath your gloves, you’ll appreciate the improved airflow in these.

There is a texture tab near the cuff of these gloves that makes them easier to put on, and the cuff itself is elastic with a velcro fastener, ensuring that it fits tightly. One of the only problems with these gloves is that they don’t feature as much grip as some of the more expensive models.

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What We Like
  • Affordable price
  • Padded and durable palms
  • Three fingers are touch compatible
What We Don’t Like
  • Slight lack of grip

Milwaukee Electrical Gloves

Milwaukee Electrical Gloves

Next up, Milwaukee electrical gloves set the bar high for durability. Engineered with resilience in mind, they’re tailored for the toughest jobs.

Since these gloves are so resistant to damage, they’re one of the priciest pairs on this list, but they feature an array of features that helps make them one of our favorite sets.

The most notable feature is that the palms and the fingertips that are lined with Armortex, which combines durable construction with extra grip. The rest of the gloves feature a stretchy synthetic fiber that makes them fit with ease and also ensures that they’re flexible enough for comfortable use.

A unique feature is the smart swipe knuckle, which has capacitative pads so that you won’t have to use your fingers when they’re dirty. The knuckle area also features a TPR pad that provides additional reinforcement. The downsides include the increased bulk of these gloves and their price.

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What We Like
  • Smart swipe knuckles
  • Armortex improves grip and durability
  • Stretchy backs
What We Don’t Like
  • Relatively expensive
  • Bulky

Klein Tools Lineman Gloves

Klein Tools Lineman Gloves

Klein lineman gloves are a little larger and heavier than most of the other options on this list – but they’re also extremely durable, and offer protection further down your arm than the typical set of work gloves.

Much like the previous pair of gloves, they’re a bit more expensive, but you get your money’s worth due to their soft-grain leather construction.

The cuffs on these gloves are made of neoprene, which helps make them easier to put on and remove, and there is a durable leather pad on one side. There are also side vents in these gloves to help improve airflow and keep your hands from getting sweaty when wearing them for long periods.

The knuckles feature double row padding, and there are patches for reinforcement across the palms and fingers. While these gloves fit well, they’re a little larger than a lot of the other options, so you’ll take up more space when not in use, and they have a bit of a looser fit.

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What We Like
  • Reinforced palms and fingers
  • Double row padding on the knuckles
  • Great build quality
What We Don’t Like
  • Pretty loose fit
  • Large

Greenlee Electrical Gloves

Greenlee Electrical Gloves

Greenlee electrical gloves are a relatively affordable set of work gloves. These are are a good set of electrical gloves for customers who are looking to save some money, but are looking for a bit more padding than CLC gloves.

Despite their low price, these gloves come with a few helpful features of their own. The wrists feature a basic elastic cuff with a velcro fastener, allowing you to adjust them to your liking.

The gloves are made with moisture management fabric, which is designed to wick away sweat, ensuring that your hands remain dry as you work. The knuckles feature foam padding that will help keep them from getting sore as you work. The Greenlee electrical gloves also feature fully reinforced construction.

There are wear pads on the fingers and the palms of these gloves that are double-stitched, improving their durability. The fit of these gloves is also excellent when you consider their affordable price. The only problem is that these gloves don’t last as long as some of the more expensive ones.

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What We Like
  • Great budget option
  • Double-stitched wear pads
  • Great fit
  • High-density foam padding to absorb impact and vibration
What We Don’t Like
  • They lack long-term durability

Klein Tools Electricians Gloves

Klein Tools Electrical Gloves

The Klein Tools electricians gloves come at an excellent price when you consider the impressive features that are implemented in their design.

For example, these gloves feature a unique synthetic material along the palms and fingers, providing the gloves with improved durability and grip.

The open, extended cuff makes these gloves easier to put on and take off in a hurry, and there is no need for a pull tab. The index finger on these gloves is completely wrapped, which ensures that you won’t have it splitting open after using them for a long time.

Klein Tools Electricians Gloves

Since the gloves are made out of spandex, they’re flexible enough to provide your hands with a wide range of motion, and they also fit better. Another bonus associated with the spandex is that these gloves are highly breathable.

Despite their flexibility, these gloves are a little lacking in dexterity, and there’s a lot of loose fabric along the interior.

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What We Like
  • Fully wrapped index finger
  • Great grip and resilience
  • Spandex construction
  • Made in the USA
What We Don’t Like
  • Fabric flaps on the interior
  • Poor dexterity

Ironclad Work Gloves

Ironclad Work Gloves

These work gloves from Ironclad are one of the more affordable pairs out there, and they emphasize durability without reducing the mobility of your hands.

They are mainly made out of synthetic leather, but they feature patches of nylon to ensure that they’re flexible enough to be comfortable.

Due to this combination of materials, these gloves feature excellent durability without compromising your range of motion.

Ironclad Electrical Gloves

Further improving their strength, you’ll find PVC patches on the palms that will help prevent the fabric from wearing away after extended use.

High-stress areas feature duraclad reinforcement so that they’ll be less likely to fail, and the seams are double stitched, further improving the reliability of these gloves. Unlike many other cheap gloves, these are built to last. Unfortunately, the fit is a little worse than on pricier gloves.

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What We Like
  • Built
  • Affordable
  • Nylon and synthetic leather combination
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor fit

Ansell Work Gloves

Ansell Work Gloves

The most expensive product on our list is Ansell work gloves. These gloves come with a few unique features that make them worthy of their price point.

Unlike other gloves which feature grippy materials in patches, the entire palm and the fingers on this one are designed to improve your grip.

Due to the stretchy fabric across the back of these gloves, they fit comfortably, and you can move your wrist in any direction without being constrained.

These work gloves from Ansell are designed to naturally mold themselves to the shape of your hand, ensuring that they don’t get uncomfortable over the course of a long workday.

These gloves are so comfortable that you’ll forget that you’re wearing them after a little while. Unfortunately, we also had some problems with these gloves. You’ll want to keep in mind that they’re not ESD safe, so you can still get some discharges with them, and the price is a little too high.

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What We Like
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Full-hand grip
  • Flexible cuff
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive
  • Not ESD safe

Irwin Electrical Gloves

Irwin Work Gloves

Concluding our list, Irwin’s electric gloves fell short of expectations, revealing significant room for improvement in both durability and comfort.

You would think that something as simple as a glove wouldn’t be hard to get right, but this glove proves otherwise. These gloves fall apart like they’re made of wet tissue paper, ensuring that you’ll have to buy a new pair every week.

Now, we’ll admit that there’s a place in this world for disposable gloves, but these are simply too expensive to fulfill that role. Along with their poor construction, these gloves are also not comfortable enough, and you’ll find your hands getting sore after using them for longer periods.

Some of the issues with their comfort stem from the poor fit of these gloves. Perhaps the only good thing we have to say about these gloves is that they feature decent grip. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t even recommend these gloves for use around the home, unless you enjoy buying a new pair every few weeks.

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What We Like
  • Relatively good grip
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor build quality
  • Bad fit
  • Uncomfortable

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