Best Face Shield: The Top 8 Picks of 2024

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If you’re doing a hazardous job, then you’ll want to make sure your face is well-protected. A face shield is the best way to get full-face protection without sacrificing visibility.

A good face shield will be able to protect you from nearly every hazard in the workplace while remaining comfortable and easy to see through. A poorly made face shield can be hard to see through – or worse, not properly guard your face.

To help keep your pretty face safe: we’ve reviewed the Top 8 Face Shields of 2024. Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best face shields on the market.

Let’s jump right into the reviews.

best overall rating
Uvex Bionic Face Shield
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Chin and head protection
  • Replaceable visor
premium choice rating
Sellstrom Face Shield
  • Comfortable
  • Meets all relevant safety standards
  • Available in clear or IR resistant varieties
great value rating
3M Face Shield
  • Affordable
  • Clear and easy to see through
  • Adjustable crown strap and ratchet


Top 8 Best Face Shields

Uvex Bionic Face Shield – Best Overall

Honeywell Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and...
  • Full shield design provides built-in chin protection and extended top-of-head coverage; protects against falling or flying objects, impacts, chemical splashes and airborne...
  • Excellent optics provide increased visibility; clear polycarbonate visor with anti-fog/hard coat; comfortable rear cell foam and lightweight, balanced, ergonomic design for...
  • Easy-to-set, ratcheting headgear assures comfortable, secure fit; highly adjustable headgear tilts visor nearer or farther from face for preference and application; 2,784...

Our top choice is the Uvex Bionic Face Shield, which is a mid-range product that features a built-in chin protector. Unlike other face shields of its type, this model is surprisingly affordable, with a price point that is near competing products that lack any form of chin protection.

While many customers don’t like models with chin protection because of the discomfort that they cause, this one features a comfortable interior that you can wear all day without a problem.

Along with the protection along the bottom, you also get top-of-the-head protection with this face shield.

The adjustable headband on this bionic face shield allows it to fit a wide range of users, and it can stay secure even when you’re moving around a lot. The visor itself features an anti-fog coating that helps your vision remain clear, even when there is a temperature difference between the exterior and the interior.

The coating also hardens the exterior, which makes this face shield more resistant to scratches, allowing you to work in hectic areas where you can expect it to get damaged. If the visor ends up getting damaged, it can be replaced so that you save money, as you won’t have to purchase a whole new product.

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What We Like
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Chin and head protection
  • Replaceable visor
What We Don’t Like
  • Replacement visors are a bit pricey

Sellstrom Face Shield – Premium Choice

Sellstrom DP4 Face Shield - Lightweight Mask with High Impact Chin...
  • FACE SHIELD - Sellstrom's DP4 Face Shield is made to protect people at home or at work in construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, metal work, and more; Ideal for protection in...
  • FULL PROTECTION - Protects face, eyes, and chin with wrap around, full coverage from chemical splashes, flying debris, and 99% UV rays
  • EXCEPTIONAL CLARITY & COMFORT - Clear, polycarbonate, anti-fog window for clear views; Lightweight and comfortable for men and women; Ratchet suspension headgear has a twist...

The Sellstrom Face Shield is the perfect option for buyers who don’t mind paying extra for superior protection. Even though this is one of the most expensive face shields around, it combines comfort and protection in equal measure, as it meets all required safety standards.

Equipped with a polycarbonate shield, it has been treated to resist fogging so that you can always see what you’re doing. This also helps reduce glare, allowing you to work in brighter spaces without having to angle your head in a certain direction to see properly, and the wide visor improves the field of view.

You can get this face shield with either a clear window or one of two that are designed to resist infrared emissions (shade 3 and shade 5). The headpiece features 19 positions, so it supports a wide range of head shapes and sizes, and it’s also comfortable enough to wear for hours.

There is cushioning around the temples, improving the comfort, and unlike the padding that you’ll find in other masks, it doesn’t get less comfortable over time. Despite being so resistant to damage, this face shield features lightweight construction to prevent your neck from getting tired on longer days.

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What We Like
  • Comfortable
  • Meets all relevant safety standards
  • Available in clear or IR resistant varieties
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly pricey

3M Face Shield – Great Value

3M H8A Ratchet Headgear and Visor Combination with 3M WP96 Clear...
  • COMPLETE SETUP: Safety system comes with 3M H8A headgear and WP96 clear faceshield together.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Five position crown strap and thirteen position ratchet suspension offer customization to individual wearers.
  • DURABLE: Headgear is made of Aluminum and thermoplastic. The faceshield is made of durable, polycarbonate. Faceshield is 0.08" thick and features a molded shape.

If you just need the bare essentials out of a face shield and you don’t want to spend too much money on one of them, the 3M Face Shield is the perfect choice. This product is built to last, unlike many of the cheaper face shields you’ll find on the market, so it won’t need to be replaced soon after purchase, even with heavy use.

This face shield is also highly adjustable, and it features five positions for the crown strap and 13 positions for the side ratchet. You can adjust the headgear so that it’s tighter and more secure if you’re moving around a lot or you can loosen it so that it’s more comfortable if you’ll be wearing it for a longer time.

The molded design of the face shield helps ensure that you can see clearly out of it from every angle since the light doesn’t refract when it passes through. Made of polycarbonate, the face shield is also fully compliant with ANSI Z87.1-2010, which is something you have to make sure of when looking at more affordable face shields.

One minor downside to this face shield is its limited dust protection compared to Sellstrom and Uvex’s face shields, although this can be overcome by pairing it with a good pair of safety goggles.

This face shield also offers extra crown protection, so you’ll have near complete forward-facing coverage. One of the more surprising aspects of this face shield is that the visor is replaceable, though it’s so affordable that you may as well buy a whole new one if it wears out. The 3M Face Shield is an excellent option for those looking for a solid face shield at a great price.

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What We Like
  • Very affordable
  • Clear and easy to see through
  • Adjustable crown strap and ratchet
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited dust protection

Honeywell Face Shield

Honeywell Adjustable Face Shield (RWS-51032)
  • Cross strap adjusts for easy sizing and customized fit; shield provides increased visibility and excellent optics
  • Prevents fluids and airborne debris from entering down inside the visor with chemical splash drip edge; provides extra protection from impacts
  • Breathable headband adds extra comfort and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement

Another affordable choice is this face shield from Honeywell, and it has many of the same features as the previous one, and a more affordable price point. If you need a cheap face shield that can easily be replaced, then this is probably the best one to pick.

Setting itself apart from other budget options, this model not only meets all essential safety standards but also boasts a wide visor for superior coverage. The breathable, detachable headband enhances hygiene and comfort, making it a standout choice.

Unfortunately, the headband is where this product stumbles, and it’s clear that it’s the source of the lower price point. The strap is too thin, and it doesn’t stay on your head as securely as some of the products with better-designed headgear.

As we mentioned earlier, this face shield is a good choice if you’re only going to use it briefly and don’t want to spend too much.

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What We Like
  • Very affordable price
What We Don’t Like
  • Uncomfortable
  • Fit can’t be adjusted as much

Hobart Face Shield

Hobart 770118 Face Shield Clear with Ratchet Head Gear
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Package length:13.25"
  • Package width:9.25"

The Hobart Face Shield merges affordability with exceptional durability. For those engaged in heavy-duty tasks that could compromise their protective gear, this shield emerges as a top budget-friendly contender.

The Hobart Face Shield merges affordability with exceptional durability. For those engaged in heavy-duty tasks that could compromise their protective gear, this shield emerges as a top budget-friendly contender.

Despite its hardy construction, this product is also lightweight, making it easy to forget that it’s even there when you’re working. The padded headband on this face shield also helps make it more comfortable, and you can size it using the ratchet adjusters on the side.

It’s also simple to lift and lower the shield without having to crane your neck at an awkward angle, as is common with more affordable products. Unfortunately, the ratchet system feels a little loose on this shield, and we feel like it will be the first part of the product to fail. Aside from this, the Hobart Face Shield is an excellent budget option for those that won’t be using their face shield very often.

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What We Like
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable headband
What We Don’t Like
  • Unreliable ratchet system
  • The anti-scratch film is hard to peel off

TR Industrial Safety Helmet

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If you’re looking for more complete protection, the TR Industrial Safety Helmet provides a combination of face and ear protection, though it’s also pricier than a lot of other face shields.

The visor combines plastic and mesh to give you the best coverage possible, but that’s only part of how this helmet protects you.

Instead of the crown protection that is offered by other face shields, this one has full-head protection that will even cover the back.

The included earmuffs are connected to the helmet, and they are adjustable so that you can make sure that they fit snugly over your ears.

The dial knob on the headband makes it easy to adjust the helmet to fit your head, and the circumference ranges between 52 and 62 inches.

A notable drawback of this helmet is its bulkiness compared to others, positioning it more as a specialized piece of equipment rather than a conventional face shield.

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What We Like
  • Adjustable dial knob
  • 5-in-1 protection
  • Combined mesh and plastic visor
What We Don’t Like
  • Too bulky
  • Earmuffs aren’t easily removable

US Forge Face Shield

US Forge 99111 Full Face Grinding Shield, Clear
  • Provides lightweight eye and face protection while grinding or cutting
  • Made of premium quality, durable, poly-type molded plastic with a clear shield
  • Made in China

This is the worst product on this list, and we’re surprised that this face shield is allowed to be sold, considering how dangerous it can be. The main issue with this model is that it’s a lot less clear than the other face shields we have reviewed, to the point that you can barely see what you’re doing.

The US Forge face shield is also poorly packed, as it arrived already scratched, and one of the sides needed to be jolted back into place before we could use it. As an added disadvantage, this face shield is more expensive than some of the budget models that we have already gone over.

One of the only redeeming qualities about this face shield is that it can be adjusted to fit your head snugly, as the headgear is comparatively well-made. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a point to wearing it since you can barely see out of it and it feels like it will fail on you at any moment.

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What We Like
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
What We Don’t Like
  • Hard to see through
  • Badly made
  • Easy to scratch

Sellstrom Face Shield (No Chin Guard)

Sellstrom Advantage Face Shield - Lightweight Mask with Crown &...
  • FACE SHIELD - Sellstrom's Advantage Face Shield is made to protect people at home, in occupational and educational settings; Ideal for protection in various types of welding,...
  • FULL PROTECTION - Protects face and eyes with wrap around, full coverage from chemical splashes and flying debris
  • EXCEPTIONAL CLARITY & COMFORT - Clear uncoated polycarbonate window; Lightweight and comfortable for men and women; Ratchet suspension headgear has a twist knob to adjust...

Our second entry from Sellstrom is a budget-friendly model that embraces a classic design, opting to omit a chin guard for a more streamlined profile.

Much like the other product, this one features impressive build quality, especially when you consider that it’s one of the cheapest face shields available.

The crown features universal bracket pins which are compatible with a wide range of visors.

This means that you don’t even necessarily have to get a replacement from Sellstrom, and you can get the most affordable one. This face shield is also comfortable, as the forehead band features extra padding.

This is also one of the cheapest face shields around that meets both ANSI and CSA standards.

Unfortunately, the universal visor connection is also one of this model’s primary downsides, as it doesn’t feel as secure as on other models, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the first part to fail.

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What We Like
  • Affordable price
  • Surprising build quality
  • Padded forehead band
What We Don’t Like
  • The visor isn’t secure enough
  • Easily

Zenport Face Shield

Zenport FS825 Face Shield with Adjustable Mesh Visor
  • FS825 face shield with mesh visor protects the face and head from flying wood chips
  • Breathable face shield
  • Easily adjustable headgear headband ensures a good fit

The Zenport Face Shield, available in packs of up to four, strikes a perfect balance between affordability and functionality. Its mesh visor is designed to prevent fogging and promote air circulation, ideal for those sweltering days or during intense physical work.

Unlike other face shields of the type, this one has a steel mesh, which provides superior protection and durability when compared to synthetic materials.

The “one size fits all” design of this product ensures that it will be comfortable and secure, no matter the wearer.

A factor which contributes to this face shield’s comfort is the headband, which can be quickly adjusted until you find the perfect fit.

Unfortunately, this steel mesh face shield is held back by narrow dimensions, meaning that you’ll be less protected from the sides than with some of the other choices on this list.

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What We Like
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Steel mesh
What We Don’t Like
  • Narrow visor
  • A little hard to see through

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