Best Surge Protector for a Gaming PC: Top 6 of 2024 Reviewed

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Spending over $5000 on a high-end gaming P.C. seems pointless if it blows up after the first electrical surge.

A pricey PC needs a surge protector with high voltage protection, multiple sockets (and some USB charging ports would be nice).

To help you make an educated decision for your precious gadgets—we’ve reviewed the Best Surge Protectors for Gaming P.C.s in 2024.

Check out the products we’ve tested, and you will not be disappointed when electricity decides to fail you.

Let’s go straight into the reviews.

best overall rating
Huntkey Power Strip Surge Protector
  • 2390 Joules power surge protection
  • 12 U.S. AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports
  • 6-feet long power cord with flat plug
premium choice rating
APC Power Strip Surge Protector
  • 2880 Joules surge protection
  • 11 outlets and 2 smart USB charging ports
  • 8-feet long power cord with flat-end 90-degree space saving plug
great value rating
Bototek Power Strip Surge Protector
  • 2100 Joule energy rating
  • Smart design, including 10 AC outlets and 4 USB ports
  • Built-in voltage sensing and circuit breakers


Top 6 Best Surge Protector for Gaming PCs

Huntkey Power Strip Surge Protector – Best Overall

Power Strip Surge Protector, Huntkey Extension Cord with 12 Outlets...
  • 【Power Strip with 12 outlets & 2 USB Charging Ports】Power strip surge protector with 12 AC outlets(include 5 widely spaced outlets) and 2 USB charging ports, The 2 USB...
  • 【All-Round Protected Surge Protector】 The surge protector power strip is made of Integral Copper Bar and fire-resistance PC shell with flame retardant at 1382℉. This...
  • 【2390J Surge Protection & Overload Switch】The extension cord with multiple outlets with surge protection Indicator light and grounded Indicator light & overload protection...

If you’re in search of top-notch protection for your gaming setup, the Huntkey Power Strip Surge Protector should be on your radar. Boasting 12 outlets equipped with overload protection and two USB ports enhanced with Smart IC technology for optimal charging speeds, this surge protector’s robust 2390 Joule energy rating ensures your gaming gear stays safe from unexpected power surges.

The Huntkey surge protector comes with 2 block-space outlets that easily handle oversized or odd-shaped plugs such as those for modems or printers. Its 6 feet power cord makes the surge protector perfect for many applications. You can use it at home for your personal entertainment center or in the office.

Speaking of the design of this device, it features fire prevention materials and a copper bar to provide heavy-duty extension cord capability. Its sleek and elegant appearance makes this surge protector fit for any home layout. To summarize, any games addict who looks for a cost-effective solution to protect the gaming gear from voltage fluctuations and spikes needs to check the Huntkey product. Hey, you can even recommend it to your geek friends!

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What We Like
  • 2390 Joules power surge protection
  • 12 U.S. AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports
  • 6-feet long power cord with flat plug
  • Fairly priced
  • 3 years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • USB charging ports could be faster

APC Surge Protector – Premium Choice

APC Performance Surge Protector with USB Ports, P11U2, 11 Outlet Power...
  • 2630 Joules surge protection energy rating
  • 11 outlet surge protector power strip
  • 8 foot power cord with flat end 90 degree space saving plug

Not all gamers are on a tight budget. So, for all those willing to spend more on surge protection, we recommend the APC P11U2 surge protector, a device capable of protecting 11 electronics while charging mobile devices via its 2 USB ports.

Capable of 2880 Joules protection, the P11U2 model includes a series of features that return a good value for money. For example, the Fail-Safe mode ensures that your devices will not get fried if the surge protector malfunctions. The varistor and thermal fuse components make the device disconnecting all electronics from the AC power source.

Other useful inclusions are the LED notification indicators that allow you to identify any issue quickly and if the surge protector functions. Moreover, the APC surge protector has child safety shutters, a must-have for responsible parents.

What not to like about the APC P11U2 surge protector? Maybe the price, although all the impressive features and the lifetime warranty, make it worthwhile.

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What We Like
  • 2880 Joules surge protection
  • 11 outlets and 2 smart USB charging ports
  • Includes LED notification indicators and child safety shutters
  • 8-feet long power cord with flat-end 90-degree space saving plug
  • Lifetime warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficulty in plugging in electronics
  • Expensive

Bototek Surge Protector – Great Value

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The Bototek Power Strip Surge Protector stands out not just for its affordability but also for its solid performance in shielding your gaming essentials from spikes and power fluctuations. With a substantial 2100 Joule energy protection, it delivers reliable safeguarding without breaking the bank.

The design of the Bototek surge protector includes an extra-long heavy-duty cord. Made out of copper and a fire-resistant P.C. shell, this cord offers an increased power output.

Bototek device includes 10 A.C. outlets and 4 USB ports widely compatible with Apple, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy, and other USB devices. The outlets are spaced out enough to accommodate bulky adapters without sacrificing an outlet to fit a large plug.

The built-in voltage sensing detects and responds to all your electronic devices’ power needs. Moreover, its double-break safety switch trips off automatically in case of a power overload.

Bototek surge protector is the best option for gamers on a budget. Saving money for a better P.C. has never been easier.

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What We Like
  • ”2100
  • Smart design, including 10 AC outlets and 4 USB ports
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • Built-in voltage sensing and circuit breakers
  • Perfect for odd-shaped plugs
What We Don’t Like
  • Humming sound when devices plugged in
  • USB ports have a short lifespan

HOLSEM Surge Protector

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB...
  • 6 regular Outlets & 6 widely spaced Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports with Smart IC Technology (5V/3.1A) and 1 usual USB Charging port. 4000 joule energy rating is ideal for...
  • 6 Feet Heavy Duty UL listed Extension Cord ideal for home office and professional workstations, 4 Keyhole Mounting Slots on the back (easily mount it to a wall horizontally).
  • Overload Protection with the double break overload switch. Made of Flame Retardant Material which is able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉(750℃).

Our next recommendation is the Holsem 12 outlets surge protector, a reasonably priced device boasting an impressive 4000 Joules energy rating.

This model comes with 12 (six regular and six wide) surge-protected outlets and 3 USB charging ports. Moreover, it also has 4 mounting slots for vertical positioning and power switch indicators.

Its 6 feet heavy-duty UL-listed extension cord makes it fit for both home and office usage. The Holsem surge protector is made from a flame retardant material guaranteed to withstand temperatures up to 750 Celsius degrees.

For those gamers fascinated by acronyms, the Holsem device is ETL-listed, and FCC certified. You can rest assured that your expensive gaming gear will be protected against any power surge, fluctuation, or spike. Two years warranty does not sound bad at all either.

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What We Like
  • ”Impressive
  • 12 surge-protected outlets and 3 charging USB ports
  • Excellent build quality
  • Automatic shutdown option in case of overload
  • 2 years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Outlets are too close to each other

Plugable Surge Protector

Plugable Surge Protector Power Strip with USB and 12 AC Outlets,...
  • Power Everything - 12x surge-protected standard US power outlets with four corner outlets spaced extra-wide for large "wall wart" power adapter bricks
  • Protect your Devices - 4320 Joules of protection with built-in EMI/RFI Filter and 2-in-1 power/circuit breaker switch. UL/cUL Rated
  • Stylish and Safe - Sleek black design with sliding safety covers protects users from accidental contact and keeps dust and debris away from unused outlets

The Plugable surge protector is another valid option for protecting your gaming PC against power surges. It has an impressive 4320 Joules surge protection, a built-in EMI/RFI filter, and a 2-in-1 power/circuit breaker switch.

The 12 grounded outlets and the 2 USB ports offer sufficient charging options for your electronics. Its elegant design also includes sliding safety covers for the outlets and a lengthy extension cord.

Plugable surge protector is wall-mountable and comes with a 2 years warranty. Moreover, the device is UL/cUL rated.

Overall, the Plugable surge protector represents an excellent choice, a product that will not fail you anytime soon. How cool is it to power all your gaming gadgets at once?

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What We Like
  • ”4320
  • Elegant and safe design
  • Built-in EMI/RFI filter
  • 12 outlets and built-in USB 2-port
  • 2 years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • The LED lights on the unit are too bright

BESTEK Surge Protector

BESTEK 10-Outlet 6 Feet Extension Cord 4000 Joules Power Strip with...
  • 10 outlets surge protector with 4000 joules high surge protection energy rating, protect all your home, office and kitchen appliance plug-in such as TV, speakers, DVD,...
  • Multiple protection: 6 feet cord and 9.5mm diameter UL listed heavy duty cord, withstand 15A max current. Protected and grounded LED indicator lights for grounding and surge...
  • Humanized design: mounting holes easily secure the surge protector to walls, baseboards, or furniture. 90 degree flat plug keeps cord close to the wall.Two widely spaced AC...

The last product we’ve reviewed is the Bestek 10-outlet surge protector, a product that comes with a long lifespan and a plethora of cool features.

Boasting an impressive 4000 Joules surge protection, this device has a nice pleasing design. Two out of the ten outlets are widely spaced to accommodate any large plug. Also, the 90 degrees flat plug keeps the cord close to the wall.

Made from flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant materials, this surge protector can withstand temperatures as high as 750 Celsius degrees. The oversized metal oxide varistors absorb electricity excess, so your high-end electronics will be protected.

If still undecided, you should know that manufacturer included coaxial cable protection and 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone protection. Give it a try! You won’t regret it!

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What We Like
  • ”4000
  • 10 outlets and dual 2.4A USB charging ports
  • 6 feet UL listed heavy-duty power cord
  • Ergonomic and elegant design
  • Coaxial cable and RJ11 protection
What We Don’t Like
  • Humming noise from the USB ports

What to Look For in a Gaming P.C. Surge Protector

There are a couple of things to keep an eye on when looking for the very best surge protector for your gaming P.C. We’ve summed up these crucial features below:

Joule Rating

The Joule rating describes how much energy your gaming P.C. surge protector can take in. A higher Joule rating means much better protection for your electronics.

Depending on what you aim to protect, you can decide how many Joules of surge protection you need.

Here are some rough Joule rating guidelines:

  • A surge protector with up to 1000 Joules of surge protection suffices for few small electronic devices.
  • For office devices and power tools, 1000 to 2000 Joules surge protection will suffice.
  • Gaming consoles, home theatre systems, or expensive computers will require 2000+ Joules surge protection.

To conclude, for a gaming PC, you need a surge protector capable of a Joule rating above 2000.

Clamping Voltage

Clamping voltage is key in surge protection, representing the maximum voltage level that can pass through the surge protector before it steps in to block or reduce further voltage from reaching your devices. It’s crucial for keeping your gear safe without interrupting its performance.

Let’s say a gaming P.C. surge protector may limit a 6,000V surge to just 600V is ‘noticeable’ to the load. For this reason here the clamping voltage for this gaming P.C. surge protector is 600V.

If the clamping voltage is too high, the surge protector will permit too much voltage to pass to your gaming P.C., thus breaking it.

Always check the optimum rated voltage of your gaming P.C. before purchasing a surge protector. You need to make sure that the clamping voltage of your gaming P.C. surge protection device is lower than the optimum operating voltage of your P.C.

However, the clamping voltage should generally be LESS than 700V for gaming P.C. surge protector.

Number of Sockets

Nobody wants to decide what gadgets can be sacrificed in case of power surges or noisy thunderstorms. This is why the number of sockets is an essential factor when looking for a surge protector.

Make sure you map out the variety of sockets required before buying your gaming P.C. surge protector.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

EMI stands for Electromagnetic Interference, while RFI means Radio Frequency Interference.

Although these terms are used interchangeably, they’re technically not the same thing. However, when speaking of gaming P.C. surge protection, we can treat them alike.

Numerous filters such as low pass filtershigh pass filters, or bandpass filters enable certain types of frequencies through, implying a set range of EMI/RFI emissions will be transmitted to the electronic being secured.

This happens since specific EMI/RFI emissions will not interfere with the performance frequencies of various electric and electronic devices.

To conclude, the purpose of EMI/RFI noise filtering is to eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency disturbance that will interfere with the gaming P.C. surge protection.

Our recommendation is to look for surge protectors that have EMI/RFI emissions.

Safety Rating

Navigating the array of safety standards set by different companies and organizations can be daunting, especially when trying to find the right surge protector for your gaming PC. It’s important to know which standards matter most for your device’s safety.

Typically, it would be best if you looked at U.L., formerly Underwriters Laboratories.

U.L. is among businesses authorized to carry out security screening by the U.S. federal company Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has a list of approved testing labs, which are acknowledged as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Even within U.L., though, there are a lot of security requirements that might apply. For appropriate gaming P.C. surge protection, you generally must look after the UL1449 security requirement.

UL1449 is the Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard for Surge Protective Devices (SPD), meaning that a device UL1449 listed is perfect for gaming P.C. surge protection.

Diagnostic LEDs

Having a way to determine whether your surge protector does the job it was purchased for is highly recommended.

Diagnostic LED light indicators confirm protection, power, and line fault status at a glimpse, thus making your life much easier.


Don’t overlook the warranty when choosing a surge protector for your gaming PC. An extensive warranty not only provides peace of mind but also reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability and reliability.

Apart from offering the possibility to make a claim if anything goes wrong, a longer warranty is the signal that manufacturers really stand behind their products.

If manufacturers provided long service warranties for gaming P.C. surge protectors that died after 2 weeks, they would be out of business soon. It is worth checking surge protectors offered by companies that have been around for more than five years and provide extended service warranties.

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