Best Electricians Knife: Top 5 of 2024 Reviewed

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Whether you’re a professional electrician or just love DIY electrical work, a good electrician’s knife is an absolute gamer-charger.

The reinforced stainless steel easily strips away wire, it has a rugged handle to keep your hands in control while cutting, and it’s nice and lightweight.

On the other hand, a bad electrician knife has a blunt blade and struggles to chop up raw spaghetti. No thank you.

To help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 5 Best Electricians Knives in 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best electrician’s knives on the market. Let’s jump straight into the reviews.

best overall rating
SOG Electrician Knife
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle
  • Clip Point Blade Shape
  • AUS 8 Steel
premium choice rating
Milwaukee Electrician Knife
  • Tool free blade changing
  • One handed opening
  • All Metal Construction
great value rating
Klein Tools Electrician Knife
  • Rugged aluminum handle
  • Liner locking blade
  • 440 A Stainless Steel blade


Top 5 Best Electricians Knives

SOG Electrician Knife – Best Overall

SOG Kilowatt- Electricians Pocket Knife with Wire Stripping Multi-Tool...
  • ELECTRICIAN WIRE STRIPPING KNIFE: This electrician multi tool combines a folding pocket knife with clip and a UTP wire stripper in the handle; a must-have for electricians and...
  • 3.4 INCH AUS-8 STEEL KNIFE BLADE: A satin finish, clip point blade with a laser-etched custom design is handy for a great lineman knife; blade features a laser-etched custom...
  • 3-WAY WIRE STRIPPER: This EDC knife has a UTP and wire stripper bar built in the handle that works with 10-22 gauge wire sizes for quick jobs; multi-gauge capability lets you...

The SOG Electrician Knife is a combination of a UTP wire stripper and a folding knife. This pocket knife has 3 different wire stripping mechanisms, including a spring-loaded stripper and stripper bar. 

The knife comes with a 3.4-inch blade with a razor sharp edge, allowing you to cut through anything with ease. It features a clip point that allows users to effortlessly pierce through most materials. The blade also has an attractive satin finish.

The knife has a black handle crafted out of nylon and glass. It features a schematic grip that prevents it from slipping from your hands. This ensures that you can work with it safely and effectively.

Thanks to the handle, the SOG Electrician Knife prevents possible accidents and it doesn’t break from heavy impacts. You’ll have no issue getting faulty wires removed without slicing your fingers.

Overall, this knife is the best in its category. Thanks to its multi-functional design and sharp blade, it stands tall against the competition. Another benefit is the reasonable price, especially when you consider the excellent build quality.

What We Like
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle
  • Clip Point Blade Shape
  • AUS 8 Steel
  • Cryogenic heat treatment
  • Insulator thumb stud
What We Don’t Like
  • Difficult Lock Liner mechanism
  • Clip is a bit looser than we’d like

Milwaukee Electrician Knife – Premium Choice

Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback Press and Flip Utility Knife with Belt...
  • ONE-HANDED OPENING: A button onboard the ergonomically designed handle allows you to flip the blade out with ease. When you’re finished with the blade, press and hold the...
  • ONBOARD WIRE STRIPPING: A hook in the back of the unit can strip up to 10 gauge wire. You don’t even need to have the knife flipped out to get important work finished
  • TOOL-FREE BLADE CHANGING: Press a button near the blade, and you can slide it out for easy replacements

The Milwaukee Electrician Knife is a utility pocket knife that’s a little more rugged than some of its competitors. This knife is designed to cut through large gauged conductors. One of the best things about this knife is its impressive build quality.

This knife comes with a flip blade that’s integrated with the activation mechanism. As a result, the knife can open faster and easier than regular blades. So, you’ll be able to hold wires with one hand and cut them effortlessly with the other hand.

Since there is a gut hook attached to the knife, users can even cut wires without activating the blade. This knife has a small body that can be easily stored in your pocket. The knife also features impressive portability and a range of additional blade tools.

The Milwaukee Electrician Knife addresses a common concern with its universally designed handle. Suitable for any hand size, it provides versatility and ease of use that sets it apart from typical utility knives. This feature ensures it’s a go-to tool for electricians of all statures.

Opening and closing the knife is easy. It features a contoured handle and a deep finger notch which makes for a more comfortable grip. This ensures that the knife remains secure in your hand while in use. For the electrician with money to spare, the Milwaukee Electrician Knife will save you time when cutting the most difficult wires.

What We Like
  • Tool free blade changing
  • One handed opening
  • All Metal Construction
  • Wire frame belt clip
  • Opens 3x faster than the standard opening knife
What We Don’t Like
  • Blade can sometimes pull out while in use
  • Tight blade holder

Klein Tools Electrician Knife – Great Value

Klein Tools 44201 Electrician's Pocket Knife
  • Wire stripping notches on blade, stripping sizes 14-10 AWG
  • Satin 440A stainless steel drop point blade
  • Anodized aluminum handle for corrosion resistance

The Klein Tools Electrician Knife stands out as an excellent choice for cost-conscious electricians. Its design prioritizes comfort, with a handle that ensures ease of use during extended tasks. Measuring 4-9/16 inches, it offers a grip that feels both secure and natural.

While it looks like a traditional retractable knife, the Klein Tools Electrician Knife is a multi-tool thanks to its wire strippers and Philip’s head screwdriver.

With its 440A Steel Rating, users can easily sharpen the blade once it becomes dull. For added security, the blade has a Liner lock which keeps it in position.

The blade release can work with both thumbs, and the notches on it create a non-slip feel. There are three notches that are centrally located on the blade, making it easy to manipulate the blade.

This is a sturdy knife with an anodized aluminum handle. Because of this, it’s more corrosion-resistant than its competitors. For the electrician who needs an affordable knife for general use, this is the right one for you.

What We Like
  • Rugged aluminum handle
  • Liner locking blade
  • 440 A Stainless Steel blade
  • Affordable
  • Cut through Cat 5 and Cat 6 wires
What We Don’t Like
  • Hard to hold onto
  • Tip breaks off
  • Blade breaks after extended use

DeWalt Electricians Knife

DeWalt DWHT10035L 2-1/2" Rugged Metal Body Folding Retractable Utility...
  • Long retractable blade offers variable cut depth
  • Long handle storage
  • Rugged metal body to help prolong the tool's life

The DeWalt Electricians Knife is a retractable blade that offers variable cut depth. With a blade length of 2.5 in, it is long enough to be used for a variety of tasks. 

Its retractability is a highlight feature, as the knife can be retracted into 3 different positions. The convenient thumb lever ensures that you can deploy or retract the blade quickly and ergonomically. The blade locks in position, giving you more stability and firmness when cutting. 

However, it’s worth noting that the DeWalt Electricians Knife has had some feedback regarding durability. Users have found that the inner spring mechanism may become less reliable with extensive use. While it excels with light wires, for those tackling more robust tasks, it might be less ideal compared to some other options.

The DeWalt Electrician’s Knife has a metal handle, rubberized grips, and a sturdy belt clip. While it’s relatively affordable, this knife’s build quality is somewhat lacking.

What We Like
  • Variable cut depth
  • Rugged metal body
  • Fingers rest easily parallel to the blade
  • 2.5 Blade Length
  • Belt clip included
What We Don’t Like
  • Blade doesn’t retract close enough
  • Difficult to open and close
  • Blade difficulty staying secure

Greenlee Electricians Knife

Greenlee 0652-28 Hawkbill Folding Pocket Knife with Wood Handle,...
  • FOLDING POCKET KNIFE: Designed especially to accommodate repetitive cutting applications and heavy-duty use around the jobsite
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High-carbon stainless steel build provides superior durability and corrosion resistance for a long tool life with excellent edge retention
  • ERGONOMIC ROSEWOOD HANDLE: Premium finish rosewood handle is contoured for a secure and comfortable hold as you perform cuts to help reduce user fatigue

The Greenlee Electricians Knife is a corrosion-resistant blade that has a 4 inch handle. The handle is crafted out of premium rosewood material, giving it a well-crafted look. The length also ensures that you can reach wires in tough places. 

With its 440C alloy steel blade, this knife has excellent edge retention. In addition, there is a belt clip which ensures that you always have it within arm’s reach.

A point to consider is the blade tip’s durability; it tends to be more susceptible to damage when used for prying or under excessive stress. Consequently, this knife is better suited for lighter tasks, where its performance remains unaffected.

The Greenlee Electrician’s Knife is great for DIY, but professional electricians may want to pass on it because of its low reliability. If you need a simple knife that can retain an edge, this is a good model, but it’s unfortunately lacking in a few other departments.

What We Like
  • 440C alloy steel blade
  • Premium Rosewood handle
  • Good edge retention
  • Belt clip for better convenience
  • Lock back
What We Don’t Like
  • Weak blade tip
  • Bent blade
  • Not suitable for thick wires

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