Best Dual Fuel Generator: Top 7 of 2024

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Dual fuel generators thrive during emergencies (i.e. shortage of gas, increased gas prices, etc). In fact, it allows you to use both propane and gasoline to continue giving you the power to keep your appliances running.

The best dual fuel generators are nice and quiet, have a large tank capacity – and of course, have a HUGE power output.

On the other hand, a bad dual fuel generator is nothing but an expensive noise-making machine (don’t get me started on freezing engines or motor gas leaks).

To help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 7 Dual Fuel Generators in 2024.

Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best dual fuel generators on the market. Let’s get straight into the reviews.

best overall rating
Duramax Dual Fuel Generator
  • Dual fuel technology
  • Electric start is fast and convenient
  • Huge 3850W running watts
premium choice rating
Champion Dual Fuel Generator
  • Massive 3800W running watts
  • Huge 10.5 hour battery life
  • Reduced noise
great value rating
Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator
  • Environmentally friendly
  • EPA Approved
  • Great price (very cheap)


Top 7 Best Dual Fuel Generators

Duramax Dual Fuel Generator – Best Overall

DuroMax XP4850EH Generator-4850 Watt Gas or Propane Powered-Electric...
  • Plenty of Power – With 4,850 starting watts and 3,850 running watts, this unit can handle heavy loads, from lights and a refrigerator to a home air conditioner and high...
  • Dual Fuel Technology – This generator runs on gasoline or propane, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice
  • Powerful Engine – The DuroMax 210cc OHV engine is a workhorse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs, from powering high voltage appliances to heavy duty...

The Duramax Dual Fuel Generator offers versatile fueling options with both propane and gasoline, meeting varied needs and preferences. While gasoline provides cost-effectiveness and availability, propane extends the generator’s run time to an impressive 20 hours, compared to 8 hours on gasoline, showcasing its efficiency and clean burning capabilities.

For users that don’t like to manually start generators, this is the right device for you. The Duramax Dual Fuel Generator includes an electric start for quick startups. Just in case the electric start goes out, there is a pull-start that can be used as a backup.

Generators tend to make running noise, there is no getting around that. However, the Duramax Dual Fuel Generator is tolerable because it only produces 69 dB of sound. This is equivalent to normal human conversation, which isn’t bad for a generator of its size.

Once the generator is turned on, it operates at 3850 running watts and 4,850 max watts. This is a considerable amount of power, which is good for covering home appliances during power outages. For instance, full-sized air conditioning units and even furnace blowers can be powered via this generator making it a great asset during an outage.

Buyers should look into the Duramax Dual Fuel Generator if they want the most utility. With its advertised features, it can supply more power than many of its competitors. It’s a powerful generator that occupies little space but is still small enough to move on its wheel kit.

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What We Like
  • Huge 3850W running power
  • Electric start is fast and convenient
  • Produces electricity and recreational/personal areas
  • EPA Approved
  • Fully portable and compact
What We Don’t Like
  • Engine freezes periodically

Champion Dual Fuel Generator – Premium Choice

Champion Power Equipment 4750-Watt Electric Start Dual Fuel RV Ready...
  • Dual Fuel: Operate your 3800-watt portable generator right out of the box on either gasoline or propane, plus the unit holds 0.6-quarts of oil (included) and has a low oil...
  • Electric Start: Power up the 224cc Champion engine with the handy toggle switch, battery included
  • Intelligauge: Keep track of voltage, hertz and run-time hours to easily monitor power output and track maintenance intervals. Dimensions-26.3 x 24.8 x 22.9 inches

Equipped with a convenient fuel selector switch, the Champion Dual Fuel Generator seamlessly transitions between propane and gas, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Its quiet operation at just 69 decibels from 23 feet away means it won’t disrupt your daily activities while keeping your appliances fully powered.

Another feature lies in its push-to-start battery. The battery is an internal charger that continues to charge the device while the generator is running. It also comes with a 30V outlet, and there are a 3 prong outlet and a 30 amp single twist lock. Both outlets come with circuit breakers to keep your equipment protected.

The Champion Dual Fuel Generator has a constant power of 3240 watts and a max power of 4275 watts. The device’s Intelligauge (Hz, hours, volts) enables users to monitor service periods and energy production.

We also appreciated the inclusion of a socket or RVs. Not all dual fuel generators come with an RV socket, which further places the Champion Dual Fuel Generator ahead of its competitors.

The generator can last up to 10.5 hours on a propane tank and 9 hours on a 3.4 gal fuel tank. This makes it a great generator for customers who prize power above all other features in their dual fuel generators.

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What We Like
  • Huge 3800W operating power
  • Adequate to operate on delicate gadgets
  • Reduced noise
  • Huge 10.5 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank
  • 3 year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly pricier than alternatives

Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator – Great Value

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The Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator is a great option for those needing a budget generator that can use both propane and gas. This generator has excellent build quality, great capacity, and the price is within reach, making it the most economical option on this list.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, The Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator is one of a kind. With a propane tank it can run for 12 hours. When using a 3.6 gallon gas tank, it can run for around 10 hours.

With its compact design, standing just 2 feet tall and 17 inches long, and equipped with side handlebars, the Sportsman Dual Fuel Generator is designed for easy maneuverability. The inclusion of a wheel kit, despite its 90-pound weight, further enhances its portability, allowing you to relocate it effortlessly as needed.

The generator operates at 3,500 watts (starting wattage: 4,000 watts), you can expect it to run the lights, refrigerator, freezer, and the television. While the power rating isn’t too high, it’s enough to get users through the essential appliances.

Of course, this generator also comes with a few safety features. For instance, it comes with a low oil shutoff feature. It works by automatically turning the generator off when there’s little oil so it doesn’t create a huge accident by drying up.

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What We Like
  • Environmentally friendly
  • EPA Approved
  • 4,000 Watts rated
  • Affordable
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t include the free wheel kit

Firman Dual Fuel Generator

Firman H08051 Generator
  • Dimensions: 29.9" L x 27.5" W x 26.1" H
  • Power when you need it most. The H08051 Hybrid Dual Fuel portable generator is there to get the job done. Best used for emergency power, jobsite, farm/ranch, large RV’s and...
  • Delivers true 30A & 50A power

The Firman Dual Fuel Generator is known for its extensive fuel capacity and higher power production. For instance, it features 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts (on gas). When propane is used, it operates at 9050 starting watts and 7250 running watts.

Also, it comes with a Whisper series muffler which reduces its sound to 74 decibels. While this is louder than the top three generators, it’s still silent enough to work without causing too much of a nuisance.

There is a Firman 0HV engine that improves the generator’s performance. When in use, it provides lower maintenance, extended battery life, and faster appliance use. Thus, making it a good choice for those wanting more utility out of their generator.

Feedback indicates a potential hiccup with propane usage; some users have experienced the generator’s engine shutting down prematurely despite having ample propane, highlighting an area for improvement or consideration.

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What We Like
  • Automatic regulator
  • Quiet muffler
  • 12 hours of power
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t fully function on propane

Champion Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

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We like the electric battery that allows users to start the generator at the push of a button. Furthermore, the generator is powered by a large 224 cc engine that’s touch-start enabled. Because of this, users will have a strong dual-fuel generator to keep their appliances operating smoothly.

This generator is also equipped with an automatic shutoff feature for when the oil reaches too low of a level. This can help prevent catastrophic failures and safety hazards.

Based on its power output, the generator uses 120V – 31.7A for running amps. And it uses 120V – 39.6A for starting amps. When propane is used, it has 120V – 28.5A running amps and 120V – 35.6A for starting amps.

Build quality is one of the main concerns with this generator, as it’s not made to quite the same standards as the other models we’ve seen so far. Still, it’s a good replacement generator to have if you’re in need of quick appliance power.

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What We Like
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Electric and Recoil Start
  • Air cooled
What We Don’t Like
  • Motor Gas Leaks

Ford Dual Fuel Generator

Ford 11,050W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch & Go Technology...
  • 11, 050W Peak/ 9, 000W Rated (Gasoline) & 10, 050W Peak/8, 100W Rated (LPG)
  • The powerful 457cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • A Large 6. 6 Gallon High Capacity Fuel Tank gives you up to 10 Hours of Continuous Operation at half load when running on gasoline

The Ford Dual Fuel Generator provides 11,050 watts at peak power and 9,000 watts at effective power. Based on its power rating, users can run plenty of appliances during emergencies or power outages.

It includes four-point isolated motor mounts that help reduce the vibration and sound caused by the motor. This ensures that it provides a quiet and smooth operation whenever it’s in use. Also, it has 10-inch nonflat wheels that allows for more portability, as the generator can be carried to virtually any location.

One tank of gasoline is enough to power the generator for 10.5 hours. With propane, it can operate up to 8 hours.

Watch out for the motor that comes with the generator. After 16 hours of usage, the motor might stop temporarily. If this issue occurs, feel free to call for a replacement. Overall, the Ford Dual Fuel Generator is a great choice if you need a simple generator that can handle light appliances.

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What We Like
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Low Oil Shutoff
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
What We Don’t Like
  • Weak motor

Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch and Go...
  • 5,250W peak 4,250W rated (GAS)/ 4,750W peak 3,850W rated (LPG)
  • The powerful 224cc, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a durable Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Tank gives you up to 12 Hours of Continuous Operation at half load when running on gasoline

Last on our list is the Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator. It features Switch and Go technology that allows the user to switch from gasoline to propane within seconds. This makes it a great choice for customers who are often switching between fuel types. 

Another highlight feature lies in its 4 gallon fuel tank. This gives it enough power to run for 12 hours on a 50% tank of gas. With propane, it lasts for 14 hours, giving you enough power to last for a weekend camping trip.

This generator is designed with never-flat wheels and fold-down handles for easy storage and added mobility. As a result, users can carry the generator around without causing too much physical strain. Perfect for the electrician that needs to have emergency power during the holidays.

Compared to its competitors, the Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator’s power output may pose limitations, particularly in providing clean and sufficient energy for all appliances. While suitable as a backup option, its capacity to support large appliances efficiently warrants careful consideration.

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What We Like
  • 12 Hours continuous operation
  • Switch & Go Technology
  • RV Readye
What We Don’t Like
  • Inconsistent power output

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