Best Deburring Tools (2024 Review)

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Burrs are annoying. No matter how hard you strive for the perfect smooth edge – a burr here or there is bound to appear.

That’s fine. But what’s not okay, is spending hours with a dodgy deburring tool trying to remove the burrs. Burrs are unavoidable – but working with a poorly made deburring tool is not.

That’s why a good deburring tool is essential to any workman’s toolbox. Using a quality deburring tool will save you a whole lot of time (and money).

In the quest to find the best deburring tool available – we review the Top 5 Deburring Tools of 2024. We look at the quality of the blade, the type of grip, the availability of replacement blades, and of course – the price.

best overall rating
Noga Deburring Tool
  • Easily deburrs steel, aluminum and plastic
  • Creates clean deburred edges
  • Very easy to change blades
premium choice rating
Noga RG1000 Multi Burr
  • Includes S2 blade, scraper, and countersink blade
  • Excellent blade holder
  • Small & lightweight design
great value rating
AFA Deburring Tool
  • Works on metal, plastic & PVC
  • Durable aluminium handle
  • Excellent value for the money


Best Deburring Tool: Our Top 5 Picks of 2024

Noga Deburring Tool – Best Overall

Noga Deburring Tool

Number one on our list is the Deburring Tool from Noga.

Discover the power of Noga Engineering’s deburring solutions. Renowned for their effectiveness, Noga tools excel at removing burrs with precision and ease, all at a value that’s hard to beat. Their reputation for quality speaks volumes, ensuring you’re investing in a tool that delivers.

This tool comes in handy when deburring edges and holes on all sorts of material. If you’re trying to get the most out of it, we suggest that you use it for deburring plastic, aluminum, and steel.

The blades are directly mounted on the handle, and it has room for extra blades stored within the handle itself. Noga is suitable for extra fine to coarse operations, and is capable of holding heavy-duty S-blades. So you won’t have any issues with getting those tough metals out.

Noga Deburring

While it can be difficult to use for smaller holes, the Deburring Tool Noga is perfect for large radius curves and long edges. It’s great for cleaning out 3D products and cuts out a thin line with good control.

Noga sets itself apart with the unmatched durability of its blades. First-time users and seasoned professionals alike will appreciate the longevity of these blades, making each task more efficient. Plus, the inclusion of 10 replacement blades ensures a long-lasting, worry-free usage experience.

Overall, Noga Engineering have shown that they truly understand deburring. You can confidently get yourself a Noga deburring tool knowing that you’ve made an excellent choice.

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What We Like
  • Strong enhanced steel blades
  • Creates clean deburred edges
  • Great for deburring steel, aluminum, and plastic
  • Handle has a positive safety lock
  • Very easy to change blades
What We Don’t Like
  • Blades are slightly too big to get into tight holes and corners

Noga RG1000 Multi-Burr Deburring Tool – Premium Choice

Noga RG1000 Multi-Burr Deburring Tool

The Noga RG100 is a handy deburring tool set, with 4 multipurpose blades to help produce a perfect finish for a variety of jobs. This tool works best on plastic, aluminum and steel, giving you enough flexibility to smooth out the edges of any material.

You can use the N2 Blade for cast iron and brass materials. The S10 blade is best for plastic, steel, and aluminum. And the D50 Scraper blade has a fixed base and can be used to remove heavier materials.

The countersink blade allows the users to cut away holes. It has a 10.4mm in diameter, its suitable for most projects. This makes the Noga RG100 Multi-Burr Deburring Tool a favorite amongst DIYers and professional handymen alike.

The tool has folding shafts that easily lock into position while you’re working. This quick folding action means that it will stay on your workbench without having to worry about accidents. Overall this is an excellent tool, and is an absolute must-have in any workshop that’s serious about deburring.

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What We Like
  • Includes S2 blade, scraper, and countersink blade
  • Excellent blade holder
  • Multipurpose Blades
  • Small & lightweight design
  • Sharp cutters
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly pricer option
  • Short cutting length

AFA Deburring Tool – Great Value

AFA Deburring Tool

Last on our list is the Deburring Tool from AFA.

Known for its durability, this deburring tool has a lifetime that’s 80% more than regular deburring blades. With its aluminum handle, the tool has a comfortable and reliable grip.

This kit has a pack of 10 blades and is stored in a sturdy plastic case.

AFA deburring tool being used to remove burr from pipe

AFA deburring tools redefine durability with blades crafted from high-tempered steel, unlike traditional carbon steel options. This upgrade means a consistently polished finish with every use, extending the tool’s lifespan significantly.

Try the AFA’s Deburring Tool if you want a jack of all trades tool that can handle the toughest of deburring projects. It’s designed for projects ranging from home, contractor, to professional applications.

Based on its versatility, it can be used to remove burrs from PVC, Plastic, Metal, and many other surfaces.

The only downside we found is that it wasn’t quite as smooth as Noga in removing burrs. Despite this, AFA offers excellent value for money for any home or hobbyist deburring.

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What We Like
  • Deburrs metal, plastic & PVC
  • Effortless finishing
  • Robust Deburring Blades
  • 10 Replacement Blades included
  • Great for Cleaning 3D prints
What We Don’t Like
  • Stiff motion – not as smooth as Noga

YXGOOD Deburring Tool

YXGOOD Deburring Tool

Next on our list is the YXGOOD’s Deburring Tool.

The small size of this deburring tool makes it easy to carry around and has multiple replacement blades at your disposal.

Since the blades are made of high tempered steel, you’ll have no problems removing burrs on your next shop project.

Deburring tool removing burrs from copper, plastic, metal, and aluminium

This kit consists of one deburring tool with 15 separate blades (5 of each type). The tool can easily hold up heavy duty, 3.2 mm swivel head blades. It’s suitable for plumbing applications, professional workshops, or for home use.

For instance, you can use the YXGOOD to remove burrs from tubing, cut pipes, and PVC tubes, making it a good pipe deburring tool. When in use, make sure to use protective equipment to prevent the chemicals from getting in your skin.

The YXGOOD tool’s primary limitation lies in its blades. Despite the generous quantity provided, their lifespan doesn’t quite meet expectations, necessitating more frequent replacements than some users may prefer.

Despite this, YXGOOD offers a great deburring tool kit for those looking for a wider range of deburring blades.

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What We Like
  • BK3010 Plastic Trimming Blade – Used for cutting plastic up to 45°
  • BS1010 High Strength Trimming Blade - Suitable for deburring alloy steel, stainless steel, and other workpiece trimming operations.
  • BS1010 Ordinary Trimming Blade - Suitable for deburring aluminum, silver and copper
  • Durable aluminum handle
  • Good for deburring holes in sheet metal
What We Don’t Like
  • Slim handle can be difficult for larger users
  • Blades don’t last as long as we’d like

Shaviv Deburring Tool

Shaviv Deburring Tool

Last on our list is the Deburring Tool from Shaviv.

This kit features a built-in safety lock that’s used for changing blades for increased precision for deburring straight edges and holes.

It contains an ergonomic handle that’s designed for control and comfort.

What’s great about this deburring tool is its safety lock for blade changing. The B10’s blades are created out of high-speed steel, copper, plastic, and aluminum.

Deburring Tool for 3D printing

To make things easier, there is a blade holder that’s connected to a handle to use the deburring blade for long-reach work.

Shaviv’s Deburring Tool is useful for the home handyman or the avid 3D printing aficionado. It quickly removes the edges from metal and plastic alike.

With over 10 strong B10 blades, you won’t have to worry about getting a replacement. We recommend Shaviv particularly for 3D printing, as it cleanly removes plastic burrs.

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What We Like
  • High-speed steel blades
  • Durable Mango IB Handle
  • Easily changes blades
  • Enhanced safety lock
  • Designed for long range deburring
What We Don’t Like
  • Would prefer stronger blade tips
  • Handle is a bit awkward to grip

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